Vocal Presets for All DAWs

No need to purchase new DAWs or expensive plugins. All of our vocal presets are compatible with all DAWs and use only stock plugins!

Why Our Vocal Presets?

We create vocal presets that are not only accessible to everyone, but are crafted to elevate your vocals to match the quality of the greatest singers of our time! Easy to install and compatible with all DAWs, our vocal presets are hands down the best value for your music. Gone are the times of spending thousands of dollars on mixing engineers to get your voice where it needs to be, simply install our vocal presets and your music is ready for greatness!

FL studio vocal chains

What Does a Vocal Preset Include?

All of our vocal presets include a simple file that is compatible with your selected DAW. Simply install the vocal preset, apply it to your vocal track, and be radio ready in seconds!

Vocal preset box artwork of Pop Smoke and Travis Scott

Elevate Your Vocals

Save money on expensive plugins and audio engineering fees and get our easy to use vocal presets now! It's time to elevate your vocals!

Vocal Presets Do The Heavy Lifting

Vocal presets are designed to get you 90% - 100% there! Made with all stock plugins, our preset chains are designed to help you get that vocal sound of your favorite artist. Of course, you may need to do some tweaking as every voice is unique, these products will do all the heavy lifting for you! No mixing degrees needed.

  • Ableton Live Logo

    Ableton Vocal Presets

    We have premium vocal presets for all you Ableton Live purists out there. Compatible with your DAW and only using the stock plugins that come with Ableton out of the box!

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  • Cakewalk Logo

    Cakewalk Vocal Presets

    Elevate your mix with our exclusive Cakewalk vocal presets. Tailored for all your favorite artists, they utilize stock effects to enhance your vocals. Discover your radio ready mix today!

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  • Cubase logo

    Cubase Vocal Presets

    Our Cubase vocal presets bring out the best in your voice. Designed for seamless integration, they work with Cubase's built-in plugins. Explore our collection now!

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  • FL studio Logo

    FL Studio Vocal Presets

    Unleash your potential with our FL Studio vocal presets. Optimized for FL's mixer, these presets use stock plugins to refine your vocals. Check them out today!

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  • Garageband Logo

    GarageBand Vocal Presets

    Craft perfect vocals in GarageBand with our custom presets. They're built to work with GarageBand's simple interface, using its standard plugins. Start your vocal mixing journey now!

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  • Logic Pro X Logo

    Logic Pro Vocal Presets

    For Logic Pro users, our vocal presets are a game-changer. They're crafted to exploit Logic's powerful stock plugins, ensuring vocals that sound just like your favorite artists. Dive in today!

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  • Mixcraft Logo

    Mixcraft Vocal Presets

    Mixcraft musicians, enhance your vocals with our presets. They're designed for Mixcraft's ecosystem, utilizing its rich stock effects. Elevate your music with our presets now!

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  • Pro Tools Vocal Presets

    Pro Tools aficionados, our vocal presets are tailored for you. They integrate flawlessly with Pro Tools' extensive plugin suite. Transform your vocals with our presets.

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  • Reaper Logo

    Reaper Vocal Presets

    Our Reaper vocal presets are meticulously crafted for the Reaper DAW, using its flexible plugin architecture to deliver pristine vocals. Explore our artist vocal presets now.

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  • Studio One Vocal Presets

    Studio One users, our vocal presets are made just for you. They harness Studio One's native plugins for a seemless workflow. Discover the perfect vocal preset for you today!

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  • Waves Vocal Presets

    For those using Waves plugins, our vocal presets are a perfect match. They're designed to work with the Waves suite for that studio-quality sound. Try them out today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Vocal Presets Made?

Vocal Presets are made by creating a vocal chain with plugins and effects to achieve a desired sound and tone. Luckily, all of our presets are created with stock plugins, so everyone can use them!

Are Vocal Presets Worth It?

Absolutely! Vocal presets can save your thousands of dollars on plugins and engineering fees. They help you in sounding radio ready instantly!

Can I Make a Hit Song with a Vocal Preset?

Yes! Vocal presets save you time and money are absolutely equipped to help you sounding the best that you can sound.

Do Famous Singers Use Vocal Presets?

It's very possible that independent singers use vocal presets in their mixes and for their vocals.