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The Kid Laroi Vocal Preset

The Kid Laroi Vocal Preset

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The Kid Laroi Vocal Preset Overview

Trying to figure out how to sound like The Kid Laroi? Our vocal preset makes the vocal mixing process instant. It’s really as simple as applying our vocal preset to your vocal track and you are all set. We’ve inspired the vocal preset with songs like "WITHOUT YOU" and "STAY" in mind. No additional plugins needed, we only use stock plugins.

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3 DAW vocal chain software tabs

Simple Vocal Preset Installation

No premium plugins or software needed. All of our vocal presets are created with stock plugins so that they are accessible to all users. Our installation process for vocal presets is simple and quick.

Vocal Preset Installation Guides
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What Are Vocal Presets?

Wondering what Vocal presets are? These are preconfigured settings or templates for audio processing software that adjust parameters like EQ, reverb, and compression to enhance your vocals. Curated to match and replicate popular artists, our vocal presets are just what you need!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your vocal presets compatible with all DAWs?

Yes, our vocal presets are compatible with any and all DAWs. Simply install the vocal preset into your DAW and pair it up with your vocal track.

How do you make your vocal presets?

Our team of audio engineers take inspiration from our favorite artists and curate quality vocal presets using only stock plugins for each and every DAW.

Are vocal presets worth it?

Absolutely! Vocal presets take the guess work out of mixing your vocals. Simply install and apply to your vocal track and save yourself hours of work!

Is the delivery instant?

Yes, as soon as your purchase your vocal preset we allow for a digital download and you are ready to go!

How are vocal presets made?

Vocal presets are curated vocal chains that are then saved and exported for others to use.

Are vocal presets and vocal chains the same thing?

Yes, vocal presets are vocal chains. Custom made to replicate a sound signature.