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Best Microphones for Home Studio

When setting up a home recording studio, the right microphone is the factor that makes your recordings sound stellar or subpar. Home studio setup requires a microphone within your budget and does justice to the sound you are trying to capture. Here are the best microphones to add that oomph to your home studio setup.

Audio-Technica AT2020

It won't be wrong to call the AT2020 the go-to mic for a budget home studio setup. If you are just testing the waters of home recording, the AT2020 should be at the top of your list. You get a versatile condenser XLR mic that can adapt to different setups. 

It comes with a stand that rotates 360 degrees and a hinge that you can use to position the mic at different angles. The mic picks up sound in a cardioid polar pattern. It picks up detailed sound from the front and does a good job of reducing background noise. This microphone has a maximum SPL of 144dBA. It means you can use this mic for loud sources as well. 

The mic has an impressive frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. It is wide enough to cover the full human hearing range. It has a clean design without any unnecessary bells and whistles. 


  • Sturdy build
  • Handles all kinds of source
  • Superb price-to-performance


  • Mic doesn't fit in a standard clip
  • Can display proximity effect
  • Requires 48V phantom power

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is a legendary dynamic cardioid microphone well-known for crystal-clear vocal reproduction. It has superb onboard frequency response filters and noise rejection capabilities that allow clear recordings without room treatment.

It has three selectable frequency response modes - flat, bass roll-off, and presence boost. The flat mode provides natural audio reproduction. The bass roll-off gently cuts low frequencies, and the presence boost slightly boosts midrange and treble frequencies.

The cardioid polar pattern isolates the sound source directly in front of it while rejecting off-axis noise. It is a no-brainer for single-source recording situations. It does not require phantom power like a condenser mic. Its output level is lower, so users may need to boost the gain on their preamp.


  • Effective on-board frequency response filters
  • Off-axis and internal noise rejection capabilities 
  • Can handle high SPL
  • Rugged build


  • Heavy 
  • Pricier than competition
  • Slightly low output level

Lewitt LCT 440 PURE

The Lewitt LCT 440 PURE is an affordable large-diaphragm condenser microphone aimed at home studios. It features a 1" true condenser capsule in a sleek design. 

It has a slight presence boost of around 12kHz, giving recordings a lively quality without harshness. The mic also provides a low-cut filter switch that tames the high frequencies substantially. Engage the filter, and the sound becomes distinctly warm. You can use it to thicken up weedy or to tame bright sources. 

Get a larger-than-life sound profile without driving the pre-amp hard. The single pickup pattern may feel limiting if you want to record multiple sound sources simultaneously. 

The LCT 440 PURE punches above its price class regarding sound quality. The build quality feels premium and an all-metal body and shock mount are included.


  • Amazing design and build quality
  • Versatile sound 
  • High-frequency presence boost
  • Includes shock mount, pop filter, windshield


  • No onboard controls
  • Single polar pattern

Sennheiser e906

The Sennheiser e906 is an affordable dynamic super-cardioid microphone that is purpose-built for close-miking instruments like guitar amps and drums. Its ultra-tight polar pattern is very good at rejecting off-axis sound.

What makes the e906 special is its 3-way acoustic signature switch. It allows you to select flat, high-frequency boost, or high-frequency cut modes. The flat mode captures natural instrument tones. Using the high-frequency boost, you can add sparkle and presence to your snares and toms. The cut mode tames overly bright sources. It can handle high SPL and transients without breaking a sweat. 

The e906's tone is lively, with a pronounced treble presence that highlights detail. It works extremely well for miking guitar cabs. It also shines on drum overheads and toms. 


  • Tight super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Lively sound 
  • 3-position high-frequency adjustment switch
  • Compact size 
  • Sturdy metal construction


  • Narrow pickup pattern 
  • Requires precise positioning 
  • Pronounced treble presence
  • Sensitive to movement

Lauten Audio LA-220

The Lauten Audio LA-220 v2 is a unique and affordable large-diaphragm condenser microphone that gives you two sonic flavors in one mic. Just flip a switch to select from modern clear sound or classic warmth. You will feel that you got two mics for the price of one. 

You can disengage the low-cut filter for a distinctly bright and present sound with an emphasized upper-midrange and treble response. It adds pleasing clarity and articulation to sources like acoustic guitars. Flip the low-cut filter switch, and the microphone will take on an entirely different character. It adds a warm tone to your recording with substantially rolled-off high frequencies. 

The build quality feels solid, with an all-metal body and a high-quality included shock mount. The mic has an impedance of 200Ω. It requires 48V phantom power to run. You can expect the mic to handle SPL up to 130dB before seeing any distortion. It also has a low self-noise level of 15dBA. 


  • Heavy-duty shock mount
  • Transformer balanced output
  • Great price for a condenser mic
  • It comes with a sturdy shock mount


  • No case
  • Cardioid only mic

Choose a microphone that fits your budget while delivering the performance and tone you need for your recordings. The right selections can help you achieve pro-level results from your home studio. Before going all-in, check that the mic is compatible with your setup. That will save you from buying extra accessories to make it work.

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