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Best Microphones for Folk Vocals

When recording folk vocals, you want a microphone that faithfully reproduces the voice's natural sound without artifice or coloration. At the same time, the microphone needs to have enough clarity and detail to allow the subtle nuances and character of the vocals to shine through. The right microphone can create stunning folk vocal recordings that connect with listeners deeply and emotionally. Here are some of the best microphone options for recording folk vocals.

Rode NT-1A

The Rode NT-1A is a beloved vocal mic praised for its flat frequency response, free from any coloring. It is perfect for folk styles where you want the voice to be presented naturally. The NT1-A has just the right amount of top-end air to give presence without being harsh or sibilant. Its low self-noise of 5dBA is suitable for clean recordings without capturing any noise bleed from external sources. The price is very reasonable for a mic of this caliber. 


  • High-quality condenser mic
  • Extremely low self-noise
  • Smooth, natural sound 
  • Durable build quality 


  • Comes without a db pad

Neumann TLM 103

The Neumann TLM 103 condenser mic is a world-class microphone capable of astounding transparency. Its extremely flat frequency response is what you want for an evocative folk recording. Self-noise is virtually nonexistent, and the mic can easily accommodate a peak signal level of 135 dB with minimal distortion. It is a pricier choice, but it makes up for it in sound quality.


  • Low self-noise of 7dBA
  • Robust Construction


  • Expensive
  • Fixed Polar Pattern

Shure SM7B 

The Shure SM7B is a dynamic mic that captures the natural resonance of your singing voice. It excels at eliminating room and ambient noise, so your vocals will cut through even in an untreated room. The built-in shock mount works great and removes stand noise. Its heart-shaped cardioid polar pattern offers excellent side and rear noise rejection.


  • Rejects room noise
  • High SPL handling of 180dB
  • Sturdy build


  • Low output
  • Requires gain boost

Audio-Technica AT2020

The Audio Technica AT2020 is a cardioid condenser microphone for vocalists on a budget. But don't let its price fool you; it is a capable mic. It removes some bells and whistles from more premium models but excels at capturing the true-to-life sound of folk music. It offers a wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, clarity, and detail that meets expectations. The microphone also has a flat midrange between about 200 Hz to 5 kHz.


  • Great sound on a budget
  • Sturdy construction


  • Prone to plosives
  • Lacks sufficient noise isolation
  • Loud self-noise

Folk music is synonymous with intimate, honest, and unvarnished sound. The right microphone will let you capture stunning vocals that will stand out. Once you have your desired sound, use our vocal presets and sample packs to do the heavy lifting. You can add sheen to your track in just a few clicks. We use stock plugins so that you spend less time looking for a workaround and more time making music close to your heart.

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