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Best Free Vocal Preset for Studio One

Studio One has quickly gained popularity as an ideal choice of DAW for musicians, producers, and recording enthusiasts. Its user-friendly design and versatile characteristics make it an impressive instrument for creating vocal recordings that make an impact. Pre-set settings can be a huge time saver, boosting inspiration and helping you produce the ideal track.

To help you achieve supreme vocal sound, we have compiled a list of some awesome free vocal presets compatible with Studio One. These presets are engineered to streamline your process and promote your vocal to reach new professional heights.

Free Vocal Preset by Cedar Sound

Our free vocal preset is an unrivaled choice among vocal presets for Studio One. This preset comprises a collection of plugins and parameters to refine your vocal paths. It contains mandatory components like equalization, compression, de-essing, and reverberation. This pliable preset employs an optimum initial stage for procuring a polished vocal quality.

It is a breeze to put in and utilize this preset. You just need to press a few buttons and be prepared to integrate ideal vocals into your music. Moreover, since this takes advantage of stock plugins, you don't require any other accessories or extras for this to operate.

If, for any reason, you are having difficulty, handy tutorials are available to guide you through the simple steps of installation of this remarkable vocal preset.

Mix Temple Free by Marc Mozart

Mix Temple Free is a valuable resource for vocal recording and production. It serves as an ideal starting point when working with existing backing tracks. It offers a substantial channel strip library tailored for vocals, complete with FX-sends, returns, and mix-bus chains, all at no cost. This vocal preset is based on the successful Mix Temple Pro series. 

Since this vocal preset is compatible with  Studio One's onboard plugins, it works without tweaks. This resource simplifies enhancing vocal quality within your music productions, making it a valuable asset for aspiring musicians and producers. Just make sure you have Studio One version 4 and above. 

Free Vocal Preset by Vocal Presets

Vocal Preset has created this free vocal preset, keeping Studio One 5 in mind. This preset provides a complete vocal production setup, including vocal tracks, effects routing, and organization. Start with a vocal template to focus on creativity rather than the technical setup.


It needs a little work to get it working with the DAW. This particular DAW does not come with a pitch correction plugin. You must install paid plugins such as Nectar or Autotune to make it work. You can opt for a free pitch correction plugin such as MAutopitch to keep it affordable. Once you install this plugin, you can use this preset hassle-free. If you find the steps tricky, there is also a helpful video on their YouTube channel.

In Studio One, achieving professional-quality vocal recordings doesn't have to be a daunting task. Thanks to these free vocal presets, you can enhance your vocal recordings effortlessly. These presets streamline your workflow and offer various options to suit musical styles and preferences. With Studio One and these free vocal presets your vocal recordings will shine like never before.

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