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Best Free Vocal Preset for Cubase

Cubase is a versatile DAW for music production. It is a popular choice among seasoned musicians and novices due to its user-friendly interface and wide array of built-in features. Vocal processing plays a crucial role in creating a polished and professional sound. These free vocal presets for Cubase help you achieve great-sounding tracks without manually adjusting each effect.

A great vocal preset helps you easily shape the sound of your vocal recording. If you want to try them to help you in your musical journey, here are some great presets that cost you nothing. 

Free vocal preset By Cedar Sound Studios

We aim to make your music production journey much easier with our free vocal preset, suitable for different vocal styles. It adds warmth, clarity, and depth to your vocals in just a few clicks. We have designed this preset with essential chains of plugins like EQ, compression, and reverb that will help your track achieve a polished and professional touch. It can be a valuable asset in your music recording arsenal. 

Our presets are designed using stock plugins to work without any extra tweaks. If you are still getting familiar with installing this preset, you can view our detailed instructions

Mix Temple for Cubase By Marc Mozart

It is a great starting point to record vocals on an existing track. It has a huge channel strip library that is tailor-made for recording vocals. This preset comes with free FX-sends, returns, and mix-bus chains. Based on the successful Mix Temple Pro series, this versatile preset has all the essentials to pump out a great-sounding track. This preset is easily customizable, so you can modify it to suit your distinct sound!

This vocal preset works with the stock plugins, so it is a breeze to install and use it. It helps simplify your music production and enhance your vocals. 

Afrobeats Cubase Vocal Preset By O.Y. Production

Afrobeat is one of the most popular sounds heard by people all over. Its fusion of West African music with American jazz and funk gives it a distinct sound. This preset is a great choice if you are a musician in this genre.

This vocal preset consists of ten lead vocal chains, two background voxs, and two FXs for great-sounding vocals. It is a very simple preset to use. Just drag and drop, and you can get an amazing-sounding track. Since this preset is built using stock plugins, it will work without purchasing additional plugins or workarounds. 

The above-mentioned presets are a great way of experiencing the magic of vocal processing without committing heavy costs upfront. You can play with these versatile presets to experience different sounds and begin your creative journey. 

Cubase offers an excellent medium for audio production and vocal processing. Its native effects can produce remarkable results, yet third-party vocal presets can boost your vocals. With these presets and creative inspiration, you can refine your vocal recordings and craft a vibrant sound to draw in your audience.

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