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Best Free Vocal Preset for Ableton

Ableton is one of the most popular DAWs used for music production. Musicians enjoy working on it as it is super versatile and intuitive. It also supports various third-party VSTs, expanding its capabilities even further. 

You must get the vocals just right if you work in music production. No matter what genre of music you are working on, you need to perfect the vocals to maintain the song. Luckily, many free vocal presets compatible with Ableton will help you achieve that crisp and professional sound. Let’s explore some of the best free presets for Ableton.

Free Vocal Preset by Cedar Sound Studios

This free vocal preset has a complete vocal processing chain to help the lead vocal stand out in the track. This preset includes essentials such as EQ, compression, and reverb. It gives you all the tools to make your vocals sound radio-ready.

We aim to ensure you spend more time making music than trying to make the preset work. So, we use only stock plugins so that you can make the preset work without workarounds or tinkering. Easy to install and run, this preset will be a great tool to help you create awesome-sounding tracks. 

Big Drip by Vocal Preset

Big Drip vocal preset is a fantastic free plugin that helps add depth and width to your vocal tracks. It is designed to replicate that smash hit radio sound widely used by the new superstars. This preset is perfect for creating a sound filled with lush harmonies or making your lead vocals stand out. It's a simple yet effective tool that can add a professional touch to your vocals in seconds. 

Loaded with polished EQ settings, out-of-this-world delays, and reverbs, it is a great preset that you should take advantage of to create vocal tracks that sound great. 

Ableton Vocal Sauce Rack 2.0 by Mr. Audio

This effect rack has every tool to process vocals to get a great-sounding track. It even gives paid apps like Izotope's Nectar and Neoverb a run for their money. It has features such as Noise Control, two sets of EQ controls to help vocal shine, and dynamic processors with sidechain De-esser 1 and 2 EQ filters. 

It also includes the Squeeze and Glue compressors for a fast and responsive sound. The Grit section provides EQ emphasis/de-emphasis and saturation controls. This free vocal preset for Ableton offers a quick and easy way to correct pitch imperfections in your vocal recordings.

It is crafted entirely using Ableton stock plug-ins, making it easy to install and use. This vocal preset will help you level up and achieve professional-quality results quickly. 

Ableton allows you to access a wealth of free vocal presets that can significantly 

enhance the quality of your vocal recordings. Whether you need pitch correction, vocal doubling, a complete vocal processing chain, creative effects, or vintage touch, these presets have you covered. Go ahead and experiment with these free vocal presets and take your vocal production to the next level.

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