Best Wireless Microphones for Singing

Best Wireless Microphones for Singing

Singers should be able to move freely on stage to connect with their audience. Wireless microphones provide artists with this freedom. The right wireless mic can help captivate your audience with powerful vocals without being tethered to a stationary setup. Here are the best wireless microphones to take your stage presence to the next level.

Shure GLXD24R/SM58

The Shure BLX2/SM58 Wireless Transmitter is a professional-quality option for small venues. It features the SM58 microphone capsule. This capsule is known for its versatility and larger-than-life sound reproduction. It has a cardioid pickup pattern for capturing detailed sound from the front of the microphone.

The cast metal body has a bright LCD screen that displays all relevant information at a glance. You can set up the unit with just a touch of a button. It is really that simple!

Also, it is compatible with Shure's GLX-D Advanced ecosystem. It lets you connect multiple units centrally and mount them in a rack using the Frequency Manager. The unit has a range of 30 meters with 2.4 GHz frequency transmission. Battery life provides continuous usage of up to 16 hours on a single charge. 


  • Great audio quality from the SM58 capsule
  • Simple setup 
  • Compatibility with Shure GLX-D ecosystem
  • Expandable
  • 16 hours battery life


  • ABS build
  • Limited 2.4GHz

Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1102

This wireless handheld microphone impresses with its sound quality thanks to its digital 24-bit/48 kHz operation. Setting up and using this mic is child's play. 

The mic has a super quick channel selection and syncing process. You can use up to 8 channels simultaneously without worrying about frequency coordination. The 2.4 GHz range means the signal remains crisp without any interference. It is a reliable choice for live performances.


  • Excellent digital sound quality
  • Interference-free 2.4 GHz operation
  • User-friendly setup and channel selection
  • Includes both transmitter and receiver


  • Batteries required
  • Battery drain on standby

Sennheiser EW 135P G4

It is a wireless microphone system that has garnered praise from professionals and enthusiasts for its outstanding live performance capabilities. This dynamic microphone boasts a unidirectional polar pattern. It effectively reduces unwanted background noise so your vocals can take center stage.

The EW 135P G4 stands out with its impressive range of up to 330 feet. This extended transmission range allows singers to move around the stage without worrying about signal dropouts or interference. The system offers a solid battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge.


  • Amazing sound quality 
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Good for noisy environment
  • Transmission range of up to 330 feet
  • Solid 8 hours of battery life


  • Overkill for a smaller venue

Shure ULXD2/B87A Wireless Microphone

This wireless microphone has an interchangeable Beta 87A cartridge for improved sound clarity and accuracy for live vocal applications. The AES 256-bit encryption keeps your transmission secure. It has advanced rechargeable battery options with remote monitoring. You can be assured that you will not run out of juice mid-performance. 

The setup delivers crisp high-end with a low roll-off effect. It has a built-in pop filter and pneumatic shock mount for a distortion-free sound. 


  • Great sound from Beta 87A cartridge
  • Secure AES 256-bit encrypted transmission
  • Rechargeable battery options with remote monitoring
  • Compatible with Shure's ULX-D digital wireless systems


  • Requires a separate ULXD4 receiver
  • Pricier that competition 

AKG Pro Audio WMS470 Vocal Set

The AKG Pro Audio WMS470 Vocal Set has the C5 capsule to capture your voice precisely. The easy setup means you will be ready for the performance of a lifetime at the drop of a hat. The set comes with a stand adapter and rack mount kit. You do not need to splurge anything extra on the kit. 

The set operates within a wide frequency range for reliable performance. It is a condenser microphone that captures details that dynamic mics might miss. AKG has cleverly implemented a pilot tone transmission system to handle unwanted background noise. The 200-foot range means you can perform without worrying about losing the signal. 


  • Outstanding sound clarity from the C5 capsule
  • Easy setup 
  • Included accessories
  • Wide frequency range 


  • Higher price point
  • Limited compatibility 

Samson Go Mic Mobile Handheld Q8 Transmitter

The Samson Q8 delivers good audio quality at a great price point thanks to its Q8 dynamic microphone capsule. One of the standout features of the Go Mic Mobile is its impressive battery life. It can last up to 20 hours continuously on just two AA batteries. You never have to worry about your performances being interrupted by a drained battery. The transmitter has an operating range of up to 100 feet with a clear line of sight. 

The Go Mic Mobile is a transmitter-only solution, meaning you must purchase a separate receiver. But its affordability and solid performance make it an attractive option for singers on a tight budget or those just starting in the world of wireless microphones.


  • Professional Q8 dynamic microphone capsule 
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Great battery life 
  • Affordable price point 
  • Versatile


  • Transmitter only
  • Requires receiver
  • Flimsy battery cover

Sennheiser Pro Audio XSW 1-825 DUAL-A

This microphone provides a warm, smooth sound with superb feedback rejection. It captures your voice with utmost clarity during performances. The one-button scanning and synchronization make setting up the device a piece of cake. The antennas are built in for a sleek look. The layout is very intuitive due to the icons being easy to understand. 

You can add up to ten systems at once to expand your setup. The two-channel UHF bands give it reliability you can count on during performance. This dynamic mic has a cardioid polar pattern that rejects background noise for a clear sound. 


  • Great feedback rejection
  • Automatic frequency management
  • Up to ten compatible systems
  • One button setup


  • Some speakers are not compatible
  • Limited battery life

The wireless mic setups mentioned above allow you to strut on the stage to channel your inner rockstar and give the performance of a lifetime. Free yourself from the limitation of wired microphones to make the entire stage your playfield. 

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