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Best PCI Audio Interfaces

Any audio producer worth their salt knows that a reliable audio interface is a no-brainer for high-quality recordings. While USB interfaces have gained popularity due to their convenience, PCI audio interfaces offer distinct advantages that make them attractive for demanding audio projects. It connects directly to the motherboard for low latency, reliable recording, and playback performance. Here are the top PCI audio interfaces available on the market.


The Lynx AES16e is renowned for its exceptional audio quality and versatility. The SincroLog technology offers impressive jitter tolerance and a stable clock. It makes the interface a well-suited master clock for other studio devices. The AES16e provides a 32-channel digital mixer with 16 outputs. It brings flexibility to your recording and mixing workflows.


  • Patch bay style digital mixer
  • Excellent audio
  • 192 kHz sampling


  • Tricky internal buses

RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632 32-Channel PCI

This audio interface supports up to 32 channels and offers a range of connectivity options. You get stereo RCA, MIDI, ADAT, and S/PDIF inputs and outputs. Its TotalMix software provides a powerful 512-channel mixer with buffer sizes as low as 1.5ms. It brings superb low-latency performance to the table. The zero-cpu load technology makes CPU load a thing of the past. You can use all channels without straining the CPU.


  • Simple set-up
  • Capable TotalMix software
  • 192kHz support


  • Not the best experience with a Mac

Focusrite RedNet PCIeR Dante

It is one of the best to build a networked studio environment. This PCIe audio interface supports 128 input and output channels at 96 kHz (or 64 channels at 192 kHz) via RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connections. The audio interface includes emulation of the popular Focusrite ISA 110 and 130 channel strips. It has a very low latency of just 3ms and is designed to work flawlessly with other compatible Dante devices. 


  • Very low latency 
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to scale with other Dante products


  • Loud fan

Lynx E44 PCI

The Lynx E44 PCI has taken the best from the Lynx ONE and TWO sound cards and made it even better by adding improved performance and conversion quality. The interface has four analog and digital input/output channels, S/PDIF connectivity, and professional-level sample rates. It delivers incredible sound quality with very low noise and distortion. Its Thunderbolt compatibility and support for both Windows and macOS make it a versatile option.


  • Four separate analog and digital channels
  • Low latency
  • Great heritage


  • Expensive
  • No cables in the box

When selecting a PCI audio interface, consider the channels you require, sample rate support, and any specific connectivity needs. Before you splurge, check for compatibility with your computer's form factor and available PCI slots. Due to low latency and professional-grade performance, PCI audio interfaces are pricier but have a dedicated following. They are a worthwhile investment for those seeking the highest audio quality in their recordings. 

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