Guy in a dark room beat boxing into a microphone

Best Microphones For Beatboxing

Beatboxing has captured the attention of music aficionados worldwide with its percussive sound. When it comes to beatboxing, a microphone captures the performance as a musical instrument. The right mic is as important for beatboxers as shoes are for dancers. In this article, we have compiled the best microphones for beatboxing.

Shure SM58

The SM58 delivers plenty of warmth and body to low-end sounds like kicks and basslines, which are well-suited for beatboxers. It can lack high-end clarity, but emphasizing the lows serves beatboxing well. This mic is known for its durability as well. The cardioid polar pattern also helps minimize feedback and background noise bleed. The round grille complements various microphone cupping techniques favored by many beatboxers.


  • Durable
  • Round grille design perfect for various cupping techniques
  • Efficient plosive handling with dynamic microphone


  • Heavy body


The AKG D5 boasts a super-cardioid polar pattern for excellent feedback rejection on loud stages. It produces a natural sound and delivers punchier bass tones. Some beatboxers prefer the flat top of the microphone as it provides a flatter cupping surface. The mic's proximity effect means you can push it before you see any feedback. 


  • Solid frequency range between 70 Hz to 20 kHz for a bright sound
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio
  • Less prone to picking up outside frequencies


  • Loss of details in mid-frequencies

Shure SM7B

The SM7B captures every throat pop, lip smack, and tongue click of beatboxing with crystal clarity. The mic has a preamp that helps you capture high-quality sound. Its wide range frequency response extends from booming lows to soaring highs with minimal distortion. The internal air-suspension system reduces background noises while absorbing the “pop” sound of beatboxing exceptionally well.


  • One of the best microphones in the price range
  • Solid, all-metal construction
  • Capable built-in preamp
  • Wide frequency response from 50Hz - 20000kHz


  • Pricey

Sennheiser E945

The Sennheiser E945 is a vocal powerhouse that is well-suited for beatboxing. This dynamic microphone has a super-cardioid pattern for excellent noise isolation. The built-in hum compensation coil and shock-mounted capsule reject feedback even when you get close to the microphone. The frequency range of 40 Hz - 18000 Hz and impedance of 100 ohm output can accentuate sound at both ends of the frequency. 

The body has a premium metal construction that feels sturdy in the hand. However, it is heavier, which might make it uncomfortable to hold for extended periods. 


  • Less boxy and ergonomic design
  • Ability to withstand intense pressure
  • Solid metallic body
  • Incredible frequency range of 40 Hz - 18000 Hz


  • Pricey
  • Heavy
  • Cupping technique required

Beatboxing is a lot about mic techniques, as well. Therefore, carefully consider all your options before deciding on the microphone for your beatboxing journey. It should be able to capture the incredible energy and passion that defines this genre. Record your music with your preferred mic and add a professional sheen with our vocal presets and sample packs. Let them handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your creativity.