Guide to Installing Vocal Presets On Mixcraft

Guide to Installing Vocal Presets On Mixcraft

Have you ever wondered how your favorite artists achieve that polished studio-quality sound? The secret lies in a vocal preset. You can achieve that professional studio-quality sound with the help of vocal presets. So let’s transform your vocal tracks from average to extraordinary with this tutorial on installing vocal presets on Mixcraft.

Step 1: Get the Vocal Preset File

Go through our website and find the preset files you like and want to install on your computer. Unzip the “.preset files” in an easily accessible location after downloading Mix Craft Vocal Preset.

Step 2: Navigate to MetaPresets Folder on Your Computer

Now that you have your ideal vocal preset file, you need to copy it to the MetaPresets folder allowing Mixcraft to identify it as a preset.

Navigate to the following folder path on your PC:


Paste the vocal preset you downloaded from the internet in the location.

If you cannot see the file, try checking the “Hidden Items” box in the “Show/Hide” section under the “View” tab of file explorer.

Step 3: Launch the Latest Version of Mixcraft

To get started, ensure you have the newest version of Mixcraft installed on your computer. We’re using Mixcraft 9 for this tutorial. If you have an older or newer version than us, it’s totally fine, as the steps are almost identical for all versions. 

New Project Settings on Mixcraft

Once you have it ready, go ahead and launch Mixcraft. Next, load an existing project. If you have none, create a new project, give it a name, and choose a location to save it. Now let Mixcraft craft its magic. 

Step 4: Select a Track and Navigate to Fx

Select a specific track where you want to edit the effects and access the presets. Simply click on the track you wish to work with and go to the “Fx” button right beside the track. It opens a new “Effects List” dialogue box.

You’ll see a dropdown button labeled “<Select Effect Chain>” on the dialogue box. Click the dropdown to choose from a variety of vocal presets. When you click the preset, it will be applied as an effects chain. 

Applying Vocal Preset on Mixcraft

The preset unleashes a symphony of plugins sculpting your vocals with equalizers, compressors, reverbs, and more. 

Step 5: Adjust the Settings (optional)

Congrats! You‘ve successfully applied a vocal preset. All left is adding a personalization touch, making your vocals stand out. You have the freedom to adjust the settings and add your artistic touch. 

Vocal Preset as Effects List

Feel free to find your limits and explore the possibilities. Adjust the EQ settings and reverb factors to increase the richness of your vocals. This step is about finding that sweet spot of vocals with hit and trial. 

So, unleash your passion and captivate the audience with your polished studio-quality vocals. 

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