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Top 7 of The Best Microphones for EDM Music

EDM music has a unique, bass-heavy, and pulsating sound. Some of its popular genres are house, techno, drum and bass, and dance-pop. Due to the percussive sound that defines this music, it is crucial to find the right microphone to capture every beat perfectly. This article has compiled a list of the top seven microphones for EDM music.

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is a famous microphone in high-end setups or recording studios. It is known for capturing crystal-clear vocals and instruments. The uniform frequency response makes it suitable for diverse recording needs. 

The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern that captures precise sound. The four frequency response setting, flat, bass roll-off, and presence boost is perfect for  EDM music. You can adjust it according to your tonal requirements. The design of this microphone excels at capturing frontal sound while neglecting off-axis sounds and background noises.

The Shure SM7B has a robust all-metal construction that gives it a premium feel. It includes an adjustable yoke mounting mechanism and a pre-installed pop filter. Despite its heavier weight and higher price tag, the Shure SM7B is a proven, reliable microphone that captures exceptional sound quality.


  • Captures precise sound
  • Premium build quality
  • Very good at rejecting off-axis and internal noise


  • Costly
  • It needs an expensive preamp to get the full benefit


The AKG C414 XLII is a multi-pattern condenser microphone. The AKG C414 has evolved a lot since its introduction in the 70’s, and the XLII is an exceptional product. Its features include a comprehensive frequency response (20 – 20 kHz), switchable polar patterns, and low self-noise.

It is an ideal microphone to capture vocals, bass, or drums frequently used in EDM music. The high SPL of 140 dB allows this microphone to capture sound without distortion. It is a sensitive mic that will capture them in detail. This microphone is capable of switching between nine separate polar patterns. You can select from omnidirectional patterns, three cardioid patterns (wide, cardioid, and hyper-cardioid), figure 8, and four intermediate polar patterns. The all-metal build quality of the microphone suggests a much higher price than what it retails for. 


  • High build quality at an affordable price
  • Nine selectable polar patterns


  • Cheap plastic mounts
  • Movo UM700 USB

    The Movo UM700 USB is an affordable desktop USB microphone that is ideal for a home studio setup. The all-metal build looks premium and has a hefty feel to it. It has a triple mic capsule array that makes recording in multiple patterns possible. This microphone can record at 16-bit/48kHz, giving you a high resolution for editing. 

    The microphone houses a mute button, an indicator light, and a volume knob on the casing. It also has an inbuilt 3.5mm aux jack to plug in your headphones. 


    • Excellent sound quality at an affordable price
    • Four adjustable polar patterns


  • Heavy and not portable. 
  • Electro-Voice RE-20

    The Electro-Voice RE-20 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. It has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 18 kHz. The variable-D technology in this microphone allows recording sounds in proximity without distortion.

    This microphone is suitable for recording vocals, drums, and bass amp. It can perfectly capture the nuanced drums' and bass guitar thump. The solid metal construction makes this a durable microphone you can use without worrying about damage. 


    • Capable dynamic mic with detailed top-end 
    • Great for capturing sounds from loud sources such as kick drums, amps, etc.


  • Low-quality shock mount
    • Heavy

    Sennheiser MD 421 II

    The Sennheiser MD 421 II is the latest iteration of the MD 421 series microphone. This dynamic microphone has a cardioid polar pattern. It rejects feedback and low-frequency hum during recording, capturing a highly detailed sound. 

    This microphone has a wide frequency response that goes from 30Hz up to 17kHz. It can capture high SPL sources without distortion, making it an excellent choice for EDM music.


    • Five-position bass control
    • Able to capture detailed sound without noise


  • Low-quality mic clip
  • Rode NT1-A

    The Rode NT-1A is an excellent condenser microphone well suited for home studios. This microphone has a low sensitivity of -31.9 dB, making it capable of picking up low noises. It also has a high SPL of 137 dB, which gives this microphone a tremendous range. 

    The Rode NT-1A has a premium feel and durable solid stainless steel build. This cardioid condenser microphone only picks up the sound without background noise, which makes it an ideal choice for recording vocals. 

    It needs a capable source of phantom power to run. 24 V is enough to power this microphone, but the recommendation is a recorder that can provide 48 V 


    • Cardioid polar pattern at a great price
    • Flat frequency response
    • Premium build


  • Using without a pop filter can cause sibilance
  • Beyerdynamic M90 PRO X

    The Beyerdynamic M90 PRO X is a condenser microphone sensitive enough to capture the tiniest detail in your recording. It can capture vocals and acoustic instruments with ease. It is a very easy-to-use microphone that does not need a complicated setup; a simple XLR microphone input is all you need. 

    The microphone has a sleek look devoid of any buttons or LED on its body. It is a complete package with an elastic shock mount,  a thread adapter, a detachable pop filter, and a carrying case. This cardioid polar pattern microphone picks up sound exclusively from the front end of the microphone. 

    Like any other condenser microphone, the Beyerdynamic M90 PRO X required sufficient phantom power to run it. Power in the range of 20V to 52V will work with it.  


    • Lightweight
    • Solid build quality
    • Great low-noise performance


    • Captures ambient sounds

    Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice just starting your musical journey, the right microphone is an excellent tool. It helps you capture the sound that you have envisioned. Consider your options and select the microphone that fits your needs best.

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